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Welcome to our site.  We are located in Poteet, Texas.  A South Texas town known as the Strawberry Capital of Texas and birthplace of George Strait.  Our land has been in the family for over 100 years with a lot of history of farming and raising commercial cattle.  We started raising Black Hereford cattle around 2007 and building on producing quality bulls for sale.


The American Black Hereford Association was established in 1994 by crossing Hereford and Angus cattle.  Like red Herefords, Black Herefords are becoming known for their feed efficiency and docile temperament. If a registered Black Hereford is crossed with a registered red Hereford and the resulting progeny is black, then it may be registered with the Black Hereford Association.


The Black Hereford breed was formed to create cattle that would pass on the desirable traits of the red Hereford, but with black and white coloring (black baldy).  Many cattle breeders desire the traits of the red Hereford cattle, but want black cattle, as black cattle tend to bring more money at market.  Also, many breeders want to introduce Hereford type traits into their black cattle while maintaining the black color. The Black Hereford allows breeders to accomplish both of these goals. The Black Hereford is an efficient, docile cattle breed used mainly to produce beef.  



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